CSGC team members have been engaged in cultural research, collectively, for over a decade. Some of the key programmatic activities by Center staff in the past and since establishment include:
  • Past: authorship and editing of 10 books; and about 75 book chapters, monographs, papers and presentations; on cultural studies, gender studies, and spirituality.
  • Current: four research projects:
    1. Penetrations – Fundamentalisms, Feminisms and Modernity in Islam: Arguing from a feminist critical perspective, the project indicates how a (Cartesian-Christianist) modernity has hyper-masculine expressions which artificially negate spiritual tendencies in favour of logo-centric supremacist thought, and lead directly to fundamentalisms.
    2. Disturbing Modernity - the Khusra in Pakistan: A research and photographic study of the khusra in Pakistan as a historically ambiguous, non-modern symbol, and the distortion of that symbol through modernity.
    3. Changing Patterns in Mosque Architecture in Pakistan – A Psycho-cultural Study: Comparative analysis of the evolution in architectural style of rural and urban, contemporary and traditional mosques in the Punjab and Sindh, in light of two proto-typical, large-scale, identity-making structures of Pakistan: Faisal Mosque (Islamabad) and Badshahi Mosque (Lahore).
    4. Culture of Culture: A case study of higher education in the arts – itself viewed as an enculturing enterprise – and the psycho-cultural factors driving art (re)production and its institutional arrangements in Pakistan.
  • Past: establishment and direction of Pakistan’s first and only graduate program in Communication & Cultural Studies; advising and supervision of MPhil/ PhD students in Communication & Cultural Studies; design and delivery of basic and intermediate undergraduate courses in Cultural Studies; and conducting graduate teaching seminars on Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, and Islam, in Europe for 15 years. The Senior Research Fellow offered a keynote address at Leuven University, Belgium in 2008 as the Leysen Forum Chair on Islam.
  • Current:
    1. Conference presentation: Toward a Supra-National Sociology; University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain (scientific paper presented): March 2013.
    2. Conference presentation: "Modernity and Religion: A View from the South"; World Public Forum, 11th Annual Dialogue of Civilizations. Rhodes, Greece. Ocotober 2013.
    3. "Theorizing Subjectivity, Gender and Islam: A Psychological Perspective". Keynote Address for International Conference of 'Theorizing Experience, Subjectivity and Narrative Studies of Gender and Islam'. Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town. South Africa. December 2011.
    4. Public Talk: "Gender, Sexuality and Islam". Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town. South Africa. December 2011.
    5. Paper on "Women and Religion in South Asia". Manusher Jonno Foundation. Third Annual Conference, South Asian Women's Network (SWAN). Dhaka, Bangladesh. July 2011.
    6. Public Lecture on Pakistan. LESSIUS/CIMIC. Belgium. June 7th, 2011.
    7. Course on "Islam and Culture". LESSIUS/CIMIC. Belgium. June 2011.
    8. "The Feminine Principle in Islam", Public Lecture. LESSIUS/CIMIC. Belgium. June 2011.
    9. "A Feminist Approach to the Quran".Course on Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective: Women's Self-Authoring In Words and Actions. International University Centre, Dubrovnik. Croatia.
      Fifth Course on Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective. In Collaboration with Center for Women's Studies, Zagreb and Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, Croatia. May 2011.
    10. Feminism, Islam and Masculinity. Fourth International Congress on Islamic Feminism , Madrid, Spain. 2010.
    11. Veiled Light: The Divine Feminine in Islam. Pannel on The Divine Feminine: An Asian Perspective. International Congress of International Association of History and Religion. Toronto, Canada. 2010.
    12. Islam: Teaching Seminar in the MA in Intercultural Management and International Communication, CIMIC, KHM, Mechelen, Belgium – December, 2009. This builds on previous teaching for an MA in the same course from 1995 – 2008.
    13. Spirituality, Religiosity and Secular Lives - Feminist Challenges for Theory and Practice: Keynote and Postgraduate Seminar, University of Tampere-Finland and Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research Zagreb-Croatia, Dubrovnik, Croatia – May 2009.
    14. Teaching Seminar: "Oor aan Schelp" (Ear to the Shell): Presence and Evolution of Islam in Belgium. CIMIC. December 2009.
    15. Roundtable Keynote, 'Ear to the Shell'. Dialogue on the Presence and Evolution of Islam in Belgium in the context of the workplace. CIMIC. December 2009.
    16. Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective 2009. Programme and Abstracts (Download in PDF)
Past: engagement in intercultural dialogue conferences and activities in Europe over 15 years.
Current: seminars by CGSC Senior Research Fellows, including:

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