The Center for the Study of Gender & Culture is an independent, globally linked academic research institution that seeks to open and encourage a space for critical understanding of culture and meaningful intercultural engagement. To this end, the Center is committed to processes of education, research and dialogue in the humanities in general, and on gender and religion in particular.


    Education & Dialogue

    Conference presentation: Toward a supra-national sociology, University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain (scientific paper presented): March 2013

    Feminisms in Transnational Perspective: Disrupting Historicity (Course announcement)


    Full list of activities HERE.


    Project underway on Public Theology: Research on Gender, Culture & Religion in Pakistan

    Download the new project publications


    Qadir, Ali (2014) “Culture and History in the Domestication of Global Trends of Higher Education in Pakistan”. pp. 147-163 in National Policy-Making: Domestication of Global Trends, edited by P. Alasuutari and A. Qadir. London: Routledge.

    Ahmed, Durre S (2013): Decolonising Muslim Subjectivities: A Psycho Cultural Perspective. Journal for Islamic Studies, Vol. 33, 2013, 185-194.

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